Create AI Art in WordPress and Save to Media Library

As AI and machine learning technologies continue to improve, it has become increasingly easy for artists and creators to use tools such as Post Saint WordPress plugin to generate unique and interesting pieces of art. AI art allows for the creation of images and animations that would be impossible or impractical to create by hand, this opens up new possibilities for artists and creators. AI art can be seen as a new medium for artistic expression, and many artists are excited to explore the possibilities it offers and experiment with new forms of creativity. As technology continues to play an increasingly important role in our lives, there is growing interest in how it can be used to create and enhance art.

With Post Saint’s AI Creation tool (powered by OpenAI’s DALL-E text to image model), you can generate new AI images from your desired prompt, while automatically saving to your WordPress Media Library, or Preview generated AI images first, then select which to save to your Media Library.

DALL-E Generated AI Images

Creating new images can be really fun and making a gallery to show your favorite creations by adding an image gallery with your images would be a breeze. Image galleries can be good for a website to attract new fans because they showcase the art in a visually appealing way and allow visitors to easily browse and view a large number of images, and can help to create a sense of engagement and interest in the artist or organization. Additionally, image galleries can help to improve the overall user experience of the website by making it more interactive and engaging. Image galleries can also be a good way to attract new fans by making it easy for visitors to share images on social media.

DALL-E Created Images Saved in WordPress Media Library

Image Prompts can be set to be automatically inserted and saved in the Media Library fields Caption and Description in addition to Alt Text and Title. Image prompts and their API call results can be logged for your review.

Image Prompts added to Alt Text & Caption

This is only a couple of the many great features available in Post Saint WordPress Plugin, along with Auto Posts in Scheduled intervals, Bulk Importing (spintax accepted) and AI Image generation.