Drip Feed WordPress Posts with ChatGPT / GPT3-Powered Auto Posts

Setup prompts to be pinged to AI writing tool, GPT-3 every day, hour, week, or 5 minutes to create a new, unique post in WordPress. That’s right this means you can get freshly-written, never copied high quality blog posts, stories, horoscopes, word of the day posts at your desired frequency.

By regularly releasing new content, visitors have a reason to come back to the blog and check for updates, which can help to increase traffic and engagement. Search engines favor websites that are regularly updated with new content, so drip feeding content can help to improve a blog’s search engine rankings. It allows for a steady flow of traffic: When new content is released consistently, it can generate a steady flow of traffic to the blog, rather than just a spike of traffic when a lot of content is released at once.

Employing the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT-3 on a consistent post schedule in WordPress with the Post Saint Plugin gives you a huge competitive advantage over your human writer competitors.

Auto Posts for Automatic Scheduled Posting

Drip feeding content allows to plan ahead and prepare content in advance, which can help to ensure that new content is always available when it is released. With a consistent release schedule, readers can anticipate new content and build a sense of community around the blog. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the quality of the content is also important and the consistency of the release schedule is vital, as readers can lose interest if the schedule is not followed or if the content is not of good quality. Post Saint helps you accomplish all this with ease.

Drip feeding Posts in WordPress and more great auto-posting features are available in the Post Saint WordPress Plugin.