Fastest way to write 25 blog posts with titles, from scratch? How about a couple minutes?

To get a list of titles which will then be used as our prompts in the bulk import tool, go to ChatGPT and ask for a list of titles for articles:

write an unnumbered list of 25 titles for articles about on-page SEO

"The Basics of On-Page SEO: A Beginner's Guide"
"Keyword Research for On-Page SEO: How to Optimize Your Content"
"On-Page SEO for Blogs: Tips and Tricks"
"Title Tags and On-Page SEO: Best Practices"
"Meta Descriptions for On-Page SEO: How to Write Effective Ones"
"Heading Tags and On-Page SEO: How to Use Them Correctly"
"URL Structure and On-Page SEO: The Importance of a Clear Hierarchy"
"Image Optimization for On-Page SEO: Techniques and Tools"
"Anchor Text and On-Page SEO: The Dos and Don'ts"
"On-Page SEO and Content Optimization: Strategies for Success"
"How to Use Alt Text for On-Page SEO"
"Social Media and On-Page SEO: How to Integrate Them"
"On-Page SEO for E-commerce Websites: Techniques and Strategies"
"On-Page SEO for Local Businesses: How to Optimize Your Website"
"Creating a Sitemap for On-Page SEO: Why It's Important"
"On-Page SEO for Landing Pages: How to Optimize Them"
"On-Page SEO for Videos: How to Optimize Your Content"
"On-Page SEO for Mobile Websites: Best Practices"
"On-Page SEO for News Websites: Strategies and Techniques"
"On-Page SEO for PDFs: How to Optimize Them"
"On-Page SEO for Multilingual Websites: Tips and Tricks"
"On-Page SEO for WordPress: Plugins and Tools"
"On-Page SEO for Shopify: How to Optimize Your Online Store"
"On-Page SEO for Squarespace: Best Practices"
"On-Page SEO for Wix: How to Optimize Your Website"

Now we can save our titles to be used as prompts in a .CSV file.

In the Bulk Import Posts Tool, select the new file containing the prompts and set any optional parameters to generate the new WordPress posts.

Bulk Import Posts Page

After only a couple minutes, we have 25 new articles written from the imported list of prompts, also generated by AI. How easy is that?!?! I hope that you can now see the power of the incredible Post Saint WordPress plugin.

Yes, the posts really are there! Do you see how powerful this plugin can be?!?!