Post Saint is the First WordPress Plugin to Utilize Stable Diffusion’s API for AI Image Generation

For those interested in generating AI images inside of WordPress’ ecosystem with Stable Diffusion, Post Saint WordPress Plugin is the first to utilize Stable Diffusion’s official API.

In addition to Stable Diffusion, Post Saint offers AI image creation for OpenAI’s DALL-E and since WordPress is indeed a blogging platform, it utilizes GPT3 for AI article / blog post writing for single posts, bulk imports and auto posts with prompts on a selected interval (5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly, noon, midnight, weekly, monthly). Post Saint WordPress Plugin is much more than just an AI image generator, but even if that is all you need, Post Saint can help you succeed.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion parameters such as Engine, CGF Scale, Steps, Width, Height can be modified as in the playground.

DALL-E Created Images Saved in WordPress Media Library
AI Generated Images added to WordPress Media Library

If creating one blog post at a time isn’t fast enough, the Bulk Import tool can surely expedite the blogging process. Simply paste, upload, or specify a URL containing the rows of data for your Post Titles, Text Prompts and Image Prompts with simple .txt or .csv (Excel spreadsheet) files. See the documentation on how to bulk import and create new posts and bulk import file samplesSpintax can even be used in the Post Titles to multiply your publishing rate even higher.

Auto Posts for Automatic Scheduled Posting
Auto Posts for Automatic Scheduled Posting

Auto Posts can be setup to run on intervals, or frequencies in recurring manner ranging from every 5 minutes to the first of every month. Simply setup a prompt to periodically re-submit to have written into a post, with the accompanying post title, (or you can choose to have a post title generated as well) and an optional image prompt to generate an image and set as your Post’s Featured Image.

Have your WordPress blog write posts automatically for tips, quotes, horoscopes, stories, trivia, word of the day, questions and answers, ai image galleries or just about anything you can imagine!

All of the data returned from OpenAI and Stability APIs can be logged for your convenience. If you ever wonder exactly which prompt created a masterpiece writing or image, just check the logs.

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