The Best GPT3 & DALL-E to WordPress Plugin is Here!

If you want to create text for single post content, a WooCommerce product, create AI images from DALL-E, a Bulk Import Post to create the most posts the quickest or an Auto Post which runs on the hour, every hour, Post Saint can help you push your post count to the sky!

The Bulk Import Posts Tool is the fastest way to get lots of posts into your WordPress powered website or blog. Just enter the list of prompts, and optionally the post titles and image prompts (or URLs of images). You can set a few options to add text before or after your prompts, add writing style and tones, as well as image options, such as artist style featuring a select list of many famous artists throughout time.

Auto Posts are a sure-fire way to get WordPress posts automatically written all day for any specified or improvised prompt. Process a prompt once every month, week, day, afternoon, hour, half hour, 15 or 5 minutes.

If slower is more your pace, you can certainly request help from AI prompts on the Add Single Post Page. Once you’ve gotten your content just right, make that one of a kind AI image to brighten up your post.